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Atom Services

Atom offers following services to the patients traveling abroad for treatment.

Atom Wellness through its wide range of services aims to tackle the challenge of identifying the right hospital for the right kind of treatment that’s cost-effective, reliable, and fits the consumer looking for holistic healthcare.

With our partnership with multiple hospitals across the world, we link the patients to the right treatment they are seeking for. Our partner hospitals will focus on making your health better whereas the logistics and other support to ensure you have a smooth experience in the journey of recovery.

Hassle-Free Booking Experience

Our professionals will take care of your booking right from your home to the hospital and all the way back with recovered health.

Customized Treatment Packages

Based on your preferences and budget, we’ll provide you a treatment plan that guarantees nothing but good health.

Comprehensive Information

We will provide you with all the details about the process of your treatment. We maintain complete transparency about expenses, travels, treatment, etc.

Professional Care Assistance

You will be assigned with your own case-officer who will provide your constant support and assistance for every need.

World Class Quality

We promise you unmatched quality throughout every step of your journey. Be it something as minimal as home pick-up to the important treatment.

Tour Assistance

With zero waiting time, your travel arrangements will be taken care by our professionals in-house. You would not have to worry about anything during the journey.

VISA Assistance

We will arrange your VISA. From getting the Visa initiation letter from the respective hospital to obtaining Indian Medical Visa on priority—we ensure ease.

Airport Drop/Pick-up

We’ll arrange for your airport drops and pick-ups for both the ends thus you don’t feel lost anywhere during any stage of your treatment journey.

Medical Consultation

We have trusted doctors with us who will guide your throughout your treatment. We facilitate professional advice straight from experts.

Remote Second Opinion

If, during your treatment, you ever wish to get a second opinion on any medical related issue, our doctors are readily available to provide you with the best advice.

Dedicated Care Support

A medical care professional will be dedicated to you and will take care of your needs ensuring you have a smooth experience.

24/7 Assistance

We aim for complete and consistent care for all our patients thus we ensure that we are constantly in touch with them for assistance anytime anywhere.

Post Discharge Consultation

After the discharge it is imperative to constantly check with a doctor for better understanding of your health. We facilitate the post discharge doctor consultation as well.

Foreign Exchange

Travelling to different country would require the respective currency. We will help you with all the foreign exchange so that there no additional expenses from your end.

Translation Medial Record

Our doctors will help you better understand about your health records. With right interpretation, you’ll be on a fast track to a healthy recovery.

Language Interpretation

Our assistants will be your language decoder as well. Nowhere will our team leave you stranded even if it involves translating the minutest things.

SIM Card

We’ll arrange for a sim card as well so that you can constantly stay in touch with your loved ones.

Right Accommodations

In accordance to your budget, we will arrange the best possible stay for you. Be it a hotel/apartment/ or Guest House, we’ll set it up based on your preferences.


A happy heart is the first step to recovery and while travelling, a bit if sightseeing will fill the heart with joy. We even arrange sightseeing for our customers based on their requests.

Doctor Follow-ups

We don’t close the medical case after the treatment. We assist the patients after the treatment as well by providing them doctor follow-ups.

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