Q.What is a preventive health checkup and why should I take one?

A preventive health checkup is a set of tests that you can do to screen your body for any illnesses. The aim is to find illnesses before they show any symptoms and prevent any future ailments. Moreover, taking timely preventive health checkups is a much cheaper option than treating a disease at a later stage. For instance, a heart attack does not happen suddenly - it happens due to the gradual accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, over the years. A heart checkup can find out your cholesterol number and allow you to modify your lifestyle in order to keep your heart safe. This goes for all lifestyle diseases. Prevention is, without doubt, better than cure!

Q.Who is eligible for an ATOM health checkup?

Any individual who is 18 years and above can avail our health checkups.

Q.What kind of test packages does ATOM Wellness TMprovide?

ATOM WellnessTM covers a number of test packages that cover all lifestyle diseases, from cancer to heart disease. ATOM Elite, ATOM Basic and ATOM Executive are checkups tailored to detect all killer diseases and their risk factors. ATOM Heart and ATOM Heart Plus are focused particularly on cardiac diseases while ATOM Cancer and ATOM Cancer Plus are focused on cancer. We also provide Pre-Pregnancy and Fertility test for couples.

Q.Can the checkup packages be split between two or more people?

No, the checkup packages cannot be split among individuals.

Q. Should I consult a doctor before my health checkup?

It is not necessary to consult a doctor before taking an ATOM health checkup as all our health checkup packages include a physician consultation.

Q. Do I have to fast before the checkup?

A 12-hour fasting is required till the time you report for your checkup. However, you can drink plenty of water during the fasting period.

Q. Can I have medications before the checkup?

You can continue having your prescribed medicines until the day before the test. On the day of the health checkup, however, it is advised to have your medicines only after your blood sample is collected.

Q. Can I smoke or have alcohol before the checkup?

No, it is advised not to smoke or consume alcohol 24 hours prior to the checkup.

Q. How can I take an appointment for an ATOM health checkup?

You can take an appointment online. Go to our homepage . Choose your desired city, package and hospital. Proceed to choose an appointment date and confirm your booking.

Q. Can I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your appointment from your Booking History, 48 hours before the scheduled time. In case you do not report on the day of the checkup without cancelling it, you will be charged the entire amount of the booking. Please note that all appointment modifications are subject to availability of dates.

Q. When should I report for my ATOM health checkup?

Your reporting time will be communicated by the Customer Care Executive during a checkup instruction call you will receive a day before the checkup. You may also clarify any other doubts during the call. Any delay in reporting may result in either cancellation or further delay in completion of the checkup.

Q. When will I get the reports?

Your reports will be available by the evening or the following day after all your tests are complete. However, the time of report delivery can vary, depending on your choice of hospital, or any additional checkups that you may have booked.

Q. What do I have to carry with me on the day of my ATOM health checkup?

You need to carry all your medical documents, including previous medical reports and current medical prescriptions. Please inform the doctor about these at the time of consultation. Carry a bottle of water with you. Also, it is advised not to wear or carry any expensive items, like jewellery, as you will need to remove them during your tests. Please note that you will be responsible for your own belongings.

Q. Is the service and delivery of the health package equivalent at all hospitals?

We take the best effort to ensure equivalence in service and delivery of the checkup. However, there are some factors that may vary, such as the checkup schedule, consultation time, ambience, time of result delivery, and so on.

Q. What is the time required for a checkup? Will there be any delays?

The checkup time depends on various factors such as the type of checkup, the person’s gender and age, medical restrictions, location of the centre, and availability of the consultants offering their services. Most checkups are completed within a day. In case of any unexpected delays or cancellations, we will inform you and move your appointment to a convenient date.

Q. Whom should I contact in case of any query during the checkup?

For any queries that may arise during your tests, please feel free to contact our customer care helpline.+91 9446988881

Q. Does ATOM Wellness provide corporate offers?

Yes, you can become an ATOM corporate client. Some of the benefits of becoming an ATOM corporate client include getting a tiered pricing structure, personalised discounts, a dedicated account manager to oversee your account, tax exempted medical checkups for your employees and so on. To know about it in detail, click Corporate Packages