AtomWellness collects and stores anonymous data for optimization and marketing purposes, e.g., data on anonymous user profiles and user behavior. Flash cookies may also be used for this purpose. Cookies and flash cookies are alphanumeric identification codes that AtomWellness stores on the user's hard drive via the user's web browser or other programs. If the user does not wish cookies to be stored, he can deactivate them in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for the browser in question.

  • Cookies do not have to be accepted in order to access the AtomWellness website. However, if the user wishes to mark a clinic as a favorite or wishes to receive a reminder of the clinics visited, he/she must set the browser to accept cookies.
  • Cookies and flash cookies are small files that are stored on the user's hard drive and store the preferred settings and other data that the AtomWellness computer system requires for interaction with the browser. There are two types of cookies: session cookies, which are deleted when the user exits the browser, and temporary cookies, which are stored by the user's browser for an extended period of time. Cookies help AtomWellness to adapt the platform to the user and to reflect preferences and usage habits. They also allow AtomWellness to store information entered so that the user does not have to re-enter it the next time he/she visits.
  • Most of the cookies used by AtomWellness are session cookies that are automatically deleted at the end of a browser session. AtomWellness also uses cookies that remain on the user's computer after closing the browser. With these cookies, the AtomWellness system can recognize whether the user has already visited the platform and can call up the settings and clinics preferred by the user. These temporary cookies remain on the computer for about a month and are then automatically deleted. AtomWellness collects and analyzes data via such cookies in order to develop strategies for improving the platform. This is to simplify the use of the AtomWellness website.
  • AtomWellness cookies are not used to store personal data. Our cookies are not designed to identify an individual user. If a cookie is activated, it is given an ID number which is used for internal purposes and is not suitable for identifying the user or for accessing personal data such as names or IP addresses. The anonymous data from the cookies allow an assessment of which pages of the AtomWellness website are most frequently visited and which procedures and clinics are most popular.
  • The AtomWellness website collects data that can be useful for the creation of advertisements and online offers for the user. This data is not used to identify you as a user, it is only used to optimize the platform. The data collected by these cookies are not stored together with the user's personal data, they are only used to send the user advertising or messages about offers and services via click-stream analyses, which are tailored to his/her individual needs.
  • AtomWellness uses retargeting techniques to tailor the online offering to the user. Retargeting technology allows AtomWellness to advertise recently accessed and similar clinics on partner websites, including those of other companies that may be relevant to the user. This data is anonymous, no personal data is stored and no user profiles are created.

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