Atom Badge

Atom Badge is a premium affiliation provided to the hospitals from Atom Wellness that incorporates certain benefits in the medical tourism industry. With the Badge, the hospitals will be listed first in the list and will be shown as the top hospitals in terms of trusted services right from nurses, optimum pricing, infection control practices, success rates, facilities provided for medical value travel patients to quality of treatment.


We are NABH certified healthcare provider. It certifies that our staff, medical and non-medical, are qualified to give you utmost care. Further, patient safety is ensured through following proper protocols avoiding medical negligence and errors. Respecting and rights of patients, we aim at providing complete satisfaction.

ISO Certified

Our partner hospitals are ISO certified and guarantees consistent quality care. The quality Management System in every tied up hospitals is closely monitored by us before suggesting it to the patient, thus to implement continuous ongoing improvement of the quality of care.

The Joint Commission

Being accredited with the Joint Commission gold seal confirms our dedication to improving health care quality and safety. It is a medical service accreditation given by US organisation for healthcare providers around the world. We adhere to the mandates mentioned and aim at providing comprehensive advisory services.

TUV Management Service

The TUV Management Service certification qualifies management and advertorial role as reliable and qualitative. It asses the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system of the hospitals we are tied up with and allows them to induce the best practices in regards to healthcare.

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